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Sundara Natarajan P.

Professor of Chemistry

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Hi! Welcome to my page.  This is Sundara Natarajan Panchanatham (Sundar). I am currently a PhD candidate in Technology and Operations area at INSEAD. I am very enthusiastic about investigating and solving operations problems in the healthcare industry.  

All my research projects fall in the broad domain of healthcare operations management. I specifically focus on solving capacity management issues that arise in different healthcare contexts. The first two chapters of my dissertation concern the optimal capacity allocation between two diverse sources for stem cell transplant and the design of optimal inventory policies for managing cord blood cells. I use data containing information on genetic diversity in the U.S. population to prescribe practical policies to the institutions coordinating the transplants. In the last chapter of my dissertation, I investigate the key operational trade-offs involved in shared medical appointment (SMA) as a service and provide normative prescriptions for capacity management under several system configurations.


My work on optimizing capacity allocation for stem cell transplants won the best student presentation award at the Analytics for X 2021 conference conducted by IORA, NUS. You can watch the presentation here.  

Doctoral Committee Members (and co-authors): Sameer Hasija (Chair), Enver Yücesan, Michael Freeman and Harry Groenevelt




Panchanatham, Sundara Natarajan, Michael Freeman, Harry Groenevelt, and Sameer Hasija. "Be the Match: Optimizing Capacity Allocation for Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (2022) (Link : (

Vinodh, S., Adithya Patil, T. S. Sai Balagi, and P. Sundara Natarajan. "AHP-PROMETHEE integrated approach for agile concept selection." International Journal of Services and Operations Management 18, no. 4 (2014): 449-467.



Sundara Natarajan Panchanatham,

PhD candidate,
Technology and Operations Management Area,


Room 202, PhD office,

INSEAD, No.1 Ayer Rajah Avenue,


Phone : +65 82810313 

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